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GS-1000 PRO Genesis® Series

Guitar Stand with Locking Legs and Self-closing Yoke Security Gate The first series of guitar stands that deliver true innovation and musician-helpful features, the Genesis® Series from Ultimate Support all offer a patented leg-locking system for stability, protective padding that won't inherently damage the finish on your guitar, and handy guitar pick storage slots. Whether you're looking for a quality stand for your acoustic, electric, or bass guitar, or even your favourite combo amp, there's a Genesis Series stand from Ultimate Support for you! GS-1000 Pro Product Breakdown:

Innovative Self-closing Stand
Height-adjustable Guitar Stand
Patented Leg Locking System
Super Stable and Portable
Friendly To Your Guitar's Finish

Set Up Height: 33.5" - 45.5" (838 mm - 1156 mm) Weight: 3.5 lbs. (1.6 kg)

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