Tech 21

Tech 21 Sansamp Bass Driver D.I Version 2

OUR PRICE $549 $629
Obtain a broad range of traditional miked up tube bass amp systems as well as raunchy, crunchy, overdrive sounds in a conviently portable direct box/ pedal format. It can be used as a pre amp or stomp box with your existing stage rig. It is designed with 3 outputs, you can plug into a power amp or bass rig and a PA system simultaneously. The controls include Presence for definition and upper harmonic content, Blend to combine the proportion of direct signal and SansAmp circuitry, which is particularly useful for basses with Piezo pickups, and an active EQ specifically tuned for bass that cut or boost at 12 dB. Actual size: 4.75" x 3.75" x 2.0" Weight: 14 oz. Phantom power operable, or uses optional DC power supply, Tech 21 Model #DC2, or 9V alkaline battery (not included). The controls offer a broad range of traditional bass amp sounds, including such meaty styles as Bassman® and SVT®, as well as raunchy, crunchy overdriven sounds that would typically require a multitude of effects units. PRESENCE controls the amount of definition and upper harmonic content. DRIVE adjusts the overall gain structure and overdrive. LEVEL regulates the XLR and effected 1/4" output levels. BLEND allows you to mix the direct bass signal with SansAmp Tube Amplifier Emulation circuitry (which is particularly useful for basses equipped with piezo pickups). BASS & TREBLE are active EQ controls, specifically tuned for bass guitar, that cut or boost +/- 12dB. For studio and live applications, SansAmp Bass Driver DI is engineered with three outputs: an effected XLR, and effected 1/4", and a parallel, uneffected 1/4". The footswitch activates the Tube Amplifier Emulation circuitry. Disengaging the circuitry enables you to use SansAmp Bass Driver DI as a standard active transparent direct box.

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