ROLAND TD-07KV Kit Complete

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Roland TD-07KV

The Roland TD-07KV V-Drums Kit embodies the legacy of the most realistic, best playing, and best sounding electronic drums available. Giving you the best electronic drumming experience available in its class.

Exceptional Sound

At the heart of any electronic drum set is a powerful, capable, and speedy module. With the TD-07KV you get just that. Giving you acoustic drums and percussion captured in precise detail in professional studios. Now, thanks to advanced V-Drums technologies, they behave just like their acoustic counterparts. There’s also a wide range of electronic percussion, as well as the ability to personalize each and every sound to your liking.


Play Right Away—or Dive Deeper

What’s more, the TD-07KV is filled with inspiring and ready-to-play preset kits. Giving you instant gratification straight out of the box. While a massive drum library awaits for when you’re ready to delve into deeper exploration. Allowing you to switch out one snare for another, mix up the toms, go large on the kick drum, or swap heavy for light crashes and rides. Ont op of that, you can then tune the drums, add damping, and change the ambient environment with ease. Finally, use the individual EQ’s to shape your drums to perfection. Just as you would if you’re a professional sound engineer.


Truly Quiet Drums

Another advantage of electronic drums is that they’re much quieter than acoustic drums. But not all sound as quiet as each other. After decades of refinement, the TD-07KV is so much quieter than other e-kits. With mesh heads minimizing pad noise without compromising on the natural stick rebound. Plus, a special damping in the kick pedal reduces noise and vibration while retaining its natural feel.

Real Acoustic Sound and Response

Some electronic kits promise acoustic sound, and you get static drum tones at varying levels. In contrast, the renowned V-Drums produce a rich variety of tone colours. Giving you an inspiring musical experiences that feels just like you’re playing acoustic drums. It also has advanced precision sensors that detect every hit, stroke, roll, flam, and ghost note perfectly. Even cymbal chokes can be performed organically. The TD-07KV feels just right!

TD-07KV – Play Along with Music Over Bluetooth

Some of the most fun you can have with an electronic drum kit is playing along with your favourite tracks. With the TD-07KV, it’s easier than ever. Sporting onboard Bluetooth, you can quickly and easily play tracks from your smartphone, tablet or computer and hear the audio through your module alongside the drums. Video sound is transmitted as well which make it perfect for playing along with online songs and drum lessons!

And if you don’t have Bluetooth, you can always use a cable! MIDI transmission is also supported so you can record MIDI data in music apps easily!

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