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Transmit flawless octave tones by using the TC Electronic Sub 'N' Up octaver pedal with exclusive TonePrint technology. Polyphonic tracking takes complex chords or single-note lines and adds modulation to your mix with TonePrint editor. That way, you can create airy octaves to lay down an ambient sound that complements your main notes. The result is pitch perfection in the studio and on stage.

High-tech enhancements on the Sub 'N' Up let you create faux bass-lines with your guitar or replicate the beautiful glitchy imperfections of older octave petals. Ultra-fast note tracking and hi-fi octave tones make pure sound burst from your amp configuration. Record shimmery octave-up tones for swells, a sweet 12-string ring or down-and-dirty subsonic octave riffs for a complete package of high- and low-octave ranges.

TonePrint technology takes this classic octave pedal into an entirely new quality zone. Use the free app to send custom-made tones to the pedal, or use it to make your own octave tone from scratch using the editor.

  • Control knobs: Dry, Up, Sub and Sub 2
  • True Bypass footswitch
  • Mono input and output
  • TonePrint editor with modulation
  • Compact design
  • 9-volt power

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