Warwick Rockboard

RockBoard Flat Patch Cable Sapphire

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RockBoard Flat Patch Cable Sapphire 45 cm Even the best can get better! That is why we never stop striving for perfection and have developed a flat patch cable that is even better than our popular GOLD series. Audiophile components make the little differences that not everybody might be able to hear - but those searching for perfect tone will appreciate all the more! Here comes the SAPPHIRE Series! These patch cables are even better shielded, have gold-plated contacts and with their unique look offer a breath of fresh air on your pedalboard. Of course, all the features of the popular RockBoard Flat Patch Cables have been preserved: compact connector housings, flat and flexible cables. However, the audio quality has been significantly improved so that the sound is being transmitted as unchanged as possible! Features: high-quality double-shielded flat patch cables with rectangular profile compact and super flat angled plugs gold-plated connectors metal plug housings flexible copper conductor 20 x 0.12 mm braided tinned copper shielding 4 x 16 x 0.12 mm additional aluminum foil shielding PE (polyethylene) signal insulation outer PVC insulation capacitance of less than 10 pF/decimeters conductor resistance of less than 10 mOhm/decimeters angled 6.3 mm mono audio plugs operating temperature -15º C to +70° C outer dimensions cable (W x H) 7 x 3 mm (rectangular) outer dimensions plugs (W x H) 12.5 x 7.5 mm transparent with aluminum plug housings length 45 cm / 17 11/16"

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