PSA1+ Professional Studio Arm



The PSA1+ is a professional studio arm for mounting microphones to a desk
or table, providing full 360 degree rotation and unrestricted mic placement.
The PSA1+ is compatible with more microphones - supporting any weight
between 94g (0.2lbs) to 1.2kg (2.7lbs). It has a horizontal reach of 940mm
(37”) and a vertical reach of 860mm (34”).
It features an integrated cable management system that fits both USB and
XLR cables. The PSA1+ also comes with a universal mic thread adaptor,
a desk mount clamp for mounting to surfaces up to 70mm thick and a
threaded desk insert for mounting to surfaces up to 55mm.
The PSA1+ is compatible with all RØDE Microphones and shockmounts
except for lavalier, mobile, wireless, headset microphones and the SM5.


Weight (kilograms): 1.52
Dimension (millimetres): Collapsed
Width: 65
Length: 500
Depth: 180
Fully Extended
Width: 65
Length: 940
Depth: 100
Key Compatible
RØDE Products:
• PodMic
• Procaster
• Broadcaster
• NT1
• NT1-A
• NT-USB Mini
• VideoMic NTG
• Podcaster

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