Planet Waves


The Planet Waves O-port for smaller sized sound holes is the easiest and most affordable way to enhance the sound of any acoustic guitar without any modification to your instrument. Simply place inside the sound hole of the guitar and experience greater fuller tone, clarity, and projection all while taming feedback in during live performances.The O-Port will make any guitar from beginner to custom sound richer, fuller, and louder, with more clarity and better projection. The O-Port material is custom blended for flexibility to prevent damage to your guitar finish and inlays. The O-Port will suppress feedback and give your acoustic or acoustic electric guitar a fuller sound with more volume, better clarity and enhanced projection. Richer, fuller, louder sound with more clarity and better projection Simple installation by loosening or removing strings and fitting the O-Port into soundhole Suppresses feedback Fits Soundholes from 33.75" - 35" (85.73 cm - 88.9 cm) Requires no modification to the instrument

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