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Practical, Powerful, Portable NXNMT1 4 IN ONE TESTER UNIT The NUX NMT-1 is a 4-in-1 compact multi-tester. It features the patch cable tester, DC cable tester, pedal current and voltage meter, and tuner functions. This incredibly portable device is the perfect companion for players in daily use and stage performances. Patch cable & DC cable tester The NMT-1 can be used for both ¼" TS & TRS audio cables and 2.1mm DC power cables. With NMT-1, you can effortlessly test your solderless patch cables for correct connections and shorts. Pedal current & voltage meter Plug your pedal into NMT-1 and you'll know how much current it really needs and set your pedal accordingly. Chromatic Tuner As a bonus function, the NMT-1 can be used as a Chromatic tuner. No need to carry an extra tuner by your side, the NMT-1 can solve everything. Easily charging through USB-C port With the built-in Li-on battery, you can charge the NMT-1 with the USB-C port conveniently. Specifications Pedal current & voltage meter - lnput voltage range: 9-28V DC - Max current displayed: 2A - Protection: The over-voltage warning will be shown when the input voltage exceeds 30V. The over-current warning will be shown when the input current exceeds 2.1A. Tuner -Tuning range: A0(27.5Hz)-C8(4186.0Hz) -Tuning mode: Chromatic -Tuning accuracy: ±1 cent Others - Power: Built-in Li-on battery, charge through USB-C port - Dimensions: 95mm(L)x71mm(W)x30mm(H) - Weight: 125g Accessories - USB-C charging cable x1 - 2.1mm DC cable x1

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