A professional, high-performing wireless system. The NUX B-8 redefines professional wireless systems, featuring an easy-to-use automatic setup with 2.4 GHz interference-free broadcasting frequency and 24-bit kHz high-quality audio transmitting. This system has a range of 160-feet and works with guitars, bass and other instruments with electronic pickups so no matter which you play, you can take advantage of the B-8. Adjustable latency and transmitting modes allow you to optimize the system for your environment, ensuring the best possible sound in any venue. Users can also customize the boot-up picture, adding a personalized touch to the B-8 wireless system. Instant Connectivity The B-8 features an automatic pairing system that detects and connects the transmitter and receiver within seconds of powering on for a quick, hassle-free setup. Each system utilizes a unique pairing algorithm to automatically configure its own ID for a secure connection every time. Extended Range and Battery Life The B-8 offers an exceptional operating range of up to 160 feet, providing ample coverage for even the largest stages. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 6.5 hours of use, ensuring uninterrupted performance for most gigs or long rehearsals. When the show's over, the transmitter unit can be placed on the receiver to recharge for your next performance. Convenient Onboard Tools In addition to high-performance wireless connectivity, the B-8 includes useful tools built right in. The Stable mode helps against interference, while an onboard tuner with multiple modes helps keep your instrument in tune. A built-in booster provides adjustable gain, which is useful for stage performers. Cable tone is a simulation to help players get a warmer sound. The 1/4" send and return jacks allow you to connect your effects pedals for a complete signal chain, and a DI OUT jack provides a balanced output to plug directly into a mixer or audio interface. Call or click to order today. SPECIFICATIONS Operating Frequency: 2400-2483.5MHz Audio Quality: 24bit/48kHz Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz Latency: 2.5ms (best performance setting) - 8.7ms (safety mode) Input Impedance: 1 MO Maximum Input Level: 1 kHz at 1% THD +6.2 dBV (5.78 Vp-p) THD+N: 0.01% 1kHz, typical Dynamic Range: 122dB, A-weighted (OUTPUT/SEND) Output level Adjustment Range: mute -64dB~0dB Battery Capacity: 3.7V/500mAh Rechargeable Li-polymer (Transmitter) TX Battery Life: Up to 6.5 hours Power Requirements: 7V to 12V DC, 500mA min, negative tip power supplies (Receiver) Operation Range: Up to 50m (165 feet) maximum TX dimensions: 72.5mm*49.3mm*23mm (L*W*H) TX weight: 63g RX dimensions: 122*95*60mm (L*W*H) RX weight: 500g

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