Nord Stage 4 Compact: 73 Note semi-weighted Kbd

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Nord Stage 4 Compact

The keyboard features a 73-note Semi Weighted Waterfall Triple Sensor keybed (E-E) with aftertouch and Physical Drawbars with LED indicators.


The Nord Stage 4 has a completely new panel design with dedicated LED faders for each Layer, providing unparalleled overview and flexibility when creating sounds and performing live. The new Preset Library contains a plethora of inspiring ready-to-use Piano, Synth, and Organ sounds for quick and easy patch creation.

At the touch of a button, the Layer Scene allows you to seamlessly switch between two different sound setups. The Nord Stage 4 adds a powerful new Effect section, as well as versatile pedal options and a premium Triple Sensor keybed, to provide a new level of musical expression.


The Nord Stage 4 includes a newly improved collection of Grands, Uprights, and Electric Pianos from Nord’s very own Nord Piano Library in addition to brand new features like Dynamic compression and Unison.


The Synth section, with three independent Layers, is based on the powerful Nord Wave 2 Synth Engine, which includes Virtual Analog synthesis, Samples, FM, and Digital Waves. An extensive new collection of Nord Sample Library samples offers a diverse sonic palette of Strings, Bass, Choirs, Guitars, and much more. The advanced Arpeggiator includes new Polyphonic, Gate, and Pattern modes and can be used for a wide range of rhythmic applications with customizable patterns.


Aside from the two Pipe Organ models, the Organ section includes Nord’s award-winning simulations of the 83 Tonewheel, 83 Bass, classic Vax, and Farfisa. Nord’s new Physical drawbars with LED indicators are standard on all Stage 4 models, providing the ultimate in control and visibility.


The Nord Stage 4 has a powerful new Effect section that provides a complete setup of Effects for each Layer. The extensive Effects library includes a new Pump effect for tempo synced or pedal controlled side chain modulation, a new Spin effect, and brand new variations of Reverb, Delay, Amps, and Modulation effects.

  • Enhanced collection of Uprights, Grands, EPs and more
  • Dynamic Compression
  • Unison feature
  • Creative Timbre presets
  • Nord Wave 2 Synth Engine
  • 3 independent Synth Layers
  • Doubled sample memory
  • Enhanced samples with Tru-Vibrato, Unison and Round Robin
  • Extensive real time controls
  • Advanced Arpeggiator with Polyphonic, Gate and Pattern modes
  • Extern mode for advanced MIDI control
  • Award-winning organ simulations of B3, Vox/Farfisa and Pipe Organ models
  • Physical drawbars with LED indicators
  • New B3 Bass mode
  • Drawbar Live mode
  • Model 122 Vintage Rotary Speaker with normal or close mic positions
  • Dedicated Effect section per Layer
  • New Variations for Modulation, Amp, Delay and Reverb Effects
  • New Spring, Booth and Cathedral Reverb
  • New Pump effect
  • New Spin effect
  • New Flam and Space Delay

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