NT2A condenser microphone

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The Rode NT2-A is the successor of the extremely popular NT2. An Australian made professional studio condenser microphone designed to deliver clear and smooth response for your recordings. Sought after by musicians and audio engineers for its versatility and great sound. A solid part of the RØDE range, the NT2-A features 3 selectable pick-up patterns, pad and high pass filter allowing you to adapt it to almost and recording style. It has a classy sound that comes over as both rich and natural, it is extremely quiet, and it is put together very nicely, with neatly built surface-mount circuit boards and minimal wiring.

The frequency and transient response of this transducer has been voiced to complement today’s modern recording techniques, and yet still evoke the silky smooth character of the legendary microphones of the 50s and 60s. The tone is very neutral, with a smooth tonal balance right across the spectrum. These features provide the flexibility and superlative audio characteristics that make the NT2-A one of the most versatile condenser mics available.  There are few multi-pattern mics at this price that could challenge the NT2A on sound, and none that I know of that could beat its low noise floor.

Your nt2a is supplied with the SM6 shock mount, dust cover, microphone cable and DVD hosted by Grammy-nominated engineer and producer John Merchant showing a range of recording techniques specific to the NT2-A.

“It offers remarkable performance and capacitor-microphone sonic virtues at a very affordable price, and as such it redefines the term ‘value for money'” – Sound on Sound

The RØDE NT2-A microphone is designed and made locally, and covered by RØDE’s industry leading 10 year warranty.

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