The Mooer MEP-EL Elec Lady Analog Flanger micro guitar effect pedal packs an incredibly BIG sound into a very small package. This pedal produces a classic analog flanger effect with filter mode and oscillator effects. 2 working modes: normal and filter. Normal creates a normal, undulating flanger effect and with the filter mode create a static filter sound. Color adjusts feedback of flanger Range adjusts range of sweep Rate adjusts speed of flanger The pedal switching is true Bypass, so the sonic integrity of your instrument is never lost. Product Details: Echo: Level of the delay effect Intense: Feedback of delay Rate: Delay time Rugged ?Full metal Casing and quality switching in a small and exquisite design.? Dimensions (HxWxD) 03.5 X 42 X 52 mm Requires a 9 Volt Centre Negative power supply for operation (not supplied). Suggested model Crossfire CAP-1

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