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The Mooer MEP-AC Acoustikar Acoustic Guitar Simulator Effects Pedal packs an incredibly BIG sound into a very small package. The Acoustikar simulates the sound of an acoustic guitar from piezo to standard to jumbo. The Body and Top knobs allow you to dial in a specific sound. Product Details: 3 Way Switch: Piezo/standard/jumbo Level: Output volume Body: Resonance of guitar body Top: Brillance and harmonics The pedal switching is true Bypass, so the sonic integrity of your instrument is never lost. Rugged full metal casing and quality switching in a small and exquisite design.? Dimensions (HxWxD) 93.5mm X 42mm X 52 mm Requires 9 Volt Centre Negative Power Supply for operation (available separately). Suggested model Crossfire CAP-1

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