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Roland JUNO DS61

The Roland JUNO DS61 synthesizer is a versatile 61-key version of the world-famous JUNO synths. Known everywhere for their great sound, ease of use, and exceptional value. Taking the iconic series to a new level of performance, adding many powerful enhancements while keeping operation streamlined and simple. Equipped with 61 weighted-action keys for a premium feel; the versatile, intuitive JUNO-DS61 puts you in creative command. Making it easy to produce exceptional music everywhere you play.

An ideal keyboard for all types of players, from performing pros to music producers and home hobbyists. It also excels in teaching labs and other music education environments. Easy to carry and easy to use, the JUNO-DS61 is filled with great Roland sounds for any style or genre. While the versatile battery or AC operation gives you the flexibility to play anytime and anywhere.

Acoustic pianos, electric pianos, and organs are bread and butter for most performing keyboardists. In the Roland JUNO DS61, the pianos have been newly enhanced with improved sound and response, with even more organs to choose from. Additionally, it includes the entire 1000-plus sound set from the previous-generation JUNO-Di. Plus, patches from that keyboard are fully compatible with the JUNO-DS61.


Featuring 61 weighted-action keys, a first in the long history of the JUNO series. Roland’s Ivory Feel-G Keyboard with progressive hammer action is an ideal complement to the expressive new piano sounds. Providing high-end touch and playability while keeping the instrument light and mobile. Making the JUNO-DS61 an obvious choice for pro players, as well as piano students looking for a portable, versatile instrument to learn on.

One thing making the Juno a players’ favorite is its instant-access design, which makes it easy to call up fantastic sounds right away. But if you’d rather dig in and customize, the JUNO DS61 now offers even more adjustable parameters than before. Allowing you to tweak patches and performances with detailed precision. The front panel provides an expanded array of hands-on knobs and sliders for creating patches and adjusting sounds as you perform. While the rear panel features jacks for connecting hold and expression pedals at the same time.

With eight Phrase Pads, you can supplement your performances with samples and music files from USB. Just load up the pads with whatever you like—one-shot samples, vocals, sound effects, loops, or complete music tracks. Triggering them with a quick touch when needed, thanks to the JUNO DS61.

If you’re a solo performer, you’ll love the JUNO-DS61’s mic input, letting you get great vocal sounds without having to carry around extra gear. With a dedicated vocal reverb, plus Auto Pitch for singing with the “stepped” electronic vocal effect popular in today’s music. The built-in vocoder is big fun too, allowing you to sing into a mic and control the tone and pitch via sounds played on the keyboard.

When you have an idea for a song or beat, you can easily capture and develop it with the onboard pattern sequencer. The intuitive, non-stop operation won’t interrupt your creative flow, letting you build up full arrangements with multiple sounds in no time. The sequencer is also perfect for enhancing live performances with pre-made backing music and on-the-fly looping.

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