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Recording Media SD/SDHC card (up to 32GB) Built-in Mic MS stereo & 90-degree XY stereo Maximum Sound Pressure Level 120dB SPL Recording Format «STEREO MODE» PCM (Quantization : 16/24bit, Sampling Frequency : 44.1/48/96kHz), MP3 (Bit Rate : 48 to 320kbps, Sampling Frequency : 44.1kHz) «4CH MODE» PCM (Quantization: 16/24bit, Sampling Frequency: 44.1/48kHz) A/D Conversion 24bit, 128times oversampling D/A Conversion 24bit, 128times oversampling Signal Processing 32bit Functions Lo-cut Filter, Compressor/Limiter, Auto Gain, Pre-Rec, Auto-Rec, Tuner,Metronome, Variable Speed Playback, Key Control, A-B Repeat,File Dividing, Normalize, MP3 Post-Encode, Marker, Surround Mixer Display 128 x 64 pixel, backlit LCD Input Gain 0 to +39dB Mic / Line Input 1/8" stereo phone jack (Plug-in power supported) Input impedance 2kO (Input level: 0 to -39dBm) Phones / Line Output 1/8" stereo phone jack Rated Output Level -10dBm Output Load Impedance 10kO or more Phones Output Level 20mW + 20mW into 32O load Built-in Speaker 400mW 8O USB Mini-B type, Mass Storage Class operation (USB2.0 High Speed compatible), Audio Interface operation (16bit, 44.1kHz/48kHz) Power Requirements AA/LR6 battery x 2, or AC adapter AD-17 (DC5V/1A/center positive) Battery Life 20 hours (16bit/44.1kHz WAV recording) Dimensions 67.6 (W) x 113.8 (D) x 42.7 (H) mm Weight 130g (without batteries)

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