Jim Dunlop

Jim Dunlop 2.0 Flow Standard Pick Players Pack


Flow picks add thickness and volume to each note you play while allowing every pick stroke to fall smoothly and effortlessly from your strings. Thanks to highly toneful and durable Ultex® material, Flow Picks project rich, powerful overtones, and their uniform bevel makes playing a breeze. A low profile grip provides just the right amount of control without getting in the way. JIM DUNLOP - FLOW™ Standard Players Pack. 2.0mm Contains 6 picks in attractive header card packaging.


Flow Picks step out of the way and allow your mastery of the fretboard to take center stage. We employed high-precision molding to enhance a rediscovered pick shape—boasting a wide angle and sharp tip to focus your attack and a beveled edge that reduces string drag—and carefully engineer the perfect Primetone® Pick-inspired grip. Aeronautical-grade Ultex® was the logical medium of choice thanks to its bright, articulate tone and its ability to take a beating without losing its shape. With a Flow Pick in hand, you can fly from note to note with maximum control and tone that's clear as crystal. Dig in hard, play fast, and show your work.

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