Mackie CR5-X Multimedia Monitors

OUR PRICE $429 $599.99

The Mackie CR5-X Multimedia Reference Monitors give you studio-quality sound in a sleek design that fits perfectly on your desk. Whether you’re producing music, creating content, or just casually listening, the CR5-X offers the perfect solution. Sporting a brushed metal panel, the CR5-X stands out with a distinct green outline. So they look just as good as they sound!

Featuring a convenient front-panel headphone output, the CR5-X makes it easy to plug-into a private listening session. While the range of inputs on the back has everything you need to connect to your computer, audio interface, or portable device.

So whether you’re getting started on your home studio, or looking to upgrade your desktop speakers; the CR5-X pair is sure to impress!

Also available in a range of sizes from 3″ to 8″ as well as a Bluetooth compatible model.

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