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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Chrometta 10 – 253/40/C Chromatic Harmonica 15-62510 The Chrometta 10 has two additional notes to the Chrometta 8, extending down into the lower register as far as G3, which is the lowest note found on the violin. The Chrometta line of harmonicas comes in four different models – 8, 10, 12 and 14 hole versions. The difference between the models is the octave range, going from 2 to 3.5 octaves. All Chrometta models come in the key of C, except the Chrometta 12 which also comes in the key of G as well as C. The robustly constructed and budget priced models of the Chrometta series are the perfect starting point for learning chromatic harmonica. Larger channel openings in combination with the projecting mouthpiece ensure great response and make it easier for the beginning player to hit single notes accurately. The Chrometta was first released in 1956 and introduced the concept of a divided slide, integrated into the comb/mouthpiece unit, which is still used in this model today. This feature makes the harmonica very service-friendly and is resistant against comb swelling, as well as gliding easily on the lips. Features • Plastic injection moulded comb and mouthpiece • The slide mechanism can be removed easily without removing reed plates for cleaning the slide • 40 notes / 2.5 octave chromatic range starting at G3 on the first hole • Key of C-major • 1.05 mm brass reed plates • Robust construction • Wider channel openings make it easier for the beginner to play single notes • Stainless steel cover plates • Slide construction – zigzag pattern • Length 14cm

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