Marshall AS50D 2x8 COMBO

OUR PRICE $629 $799

The AS50D delivers 50W acoustic studio-quality sound. Designed for a ambundance of acoustic instruments, the AS50D can accommodate instruments with magnetic pickups, piezos and microphones – passive or condenser. It is the perfect amp for intimate acoustic gigs, no matter which instrument you are playing.


Built to seamlessly support FX pedals, the AS50D allows you to design your own tone. Couple this with the amps' inbuilt digital FX, which can be assigned to either or both channels, and you can effortlessly create your perfect sound.


We know our amps get used in all kinds of settings, from bedroom to venue and everywhere in between. That's why the AS50D features two specially designed 8” Celestion speakers and a high fidelity tweeter to deliver high clarity sounds no matter the location.


With two channels and multiple input features, the AS50D is an incredible multi-use amplifier. Channel 1 has a high impedance input that is perfect for piezo or magnetic pickups, whilst channel 2 boasts RCA phono inputs in addition to a phantom powered XLR. This is not only perfect for both dynamic and condensor microphone, but also guitars, stringed instruments, and backing tracks. You can even use both channels at once whilst mainting the excellent sound quality.

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