Mackie MP-240 Dual Hybrid Driver Professional In-Ear Monitors

OUR PRICE $349 $509
  • When you need to hear yourself and everything else as clearly as possible on stage, in-ear monitors are the ultimate solution. MP Series Professional In-Ear Monitors offer the clarity and bass response you need to perform your best while being comfortable enough to wear all night.


    The MP-240 keeps the same driver count but reaches the next level of detail and clarity thanks to its hybrid configuration. Instead of two dynamic drivers like the MP-220, this monitor swaps one out for a balanced armature driver and a custom crossover that splits the frequencies between the two drivers.

    Hold on just a second, what does balanced armature mean?

    This is a unique type of driver that is ultra-compact and offers incredible efficiency especially with mid to high frequencies. To keep the ample bass response while enhancing the clarity, we went with the hybrid design for the MP-240. This is the perfect combination. Punchy, accurate bass and beautiful mids and highs.

    We’ve been helping artists perform their best for decades with our renowned loudspeaker designs, and now we are bringing that signature sound straight to your ears. The precision-tuned drivers, ergonomic design, and rugged construction ensure you'll never miss a beat. When you want to hear yourself clearly on stage without all the noise that comes with it, MP Series In-Ear Monitors have got you covered.


    Hybrid Dual Driver Professional In-Ear Monitors

    • Professional Design
      • Ergonomically molded low-profile enclosure offers maximum comfort and bass response 
      • Up- to 40dB of sound isolation
    • Made for Artists
      • MP-240 in-ear monitors deliver the incredible high-frequency clarity and dynamic response that artists need to perform their best 
    • Hybrid Dual Driver Design
      • Utilizing a dynamic driver for low frequencies and a balanced armature driver for mids and highs, mp-240 in-ear monitors deliver high-fidelity, studio-quality sound for artists, engineers, and audiophiles alike
    • High-Fidelity Cable
      • The shielded, braded cable is designed for extra durability and sonic performance
      • Equipped with a detachable MMCX connector that swivels for increased comfort and durability
      • The orver-ear design keeps them securely in your ears and the cables behind your head for uninterrupted performance
    • Perfect fit 
      • With three different types of ear tips included and in three different sizes, you can choose what works best for your ears to provide maximum comfort and sound isolation
      • Ear tip types included are foam, silicone, and double flange in small, medium, and large sizes
    • Included Accessories 
      • Hard case protects your investment when not in use 
      • gold-plated 1/8" to 1/4" adapter
    • Frequency response: 20 Hz-20 kHz
    • Impedance: 32 Ohms ±15%
    • Transducer Type: Single Dynamic + Single Balanced Armature
    • Sensitivity: 94dB±3dB@1mW at 1kHz

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