Sonic Drive


OUR PRICE $550 $699

Some drummers like a big bass drum sound but want fast sounds across the toms. Here it is the answer: the Sonic Drive SDP-0F22-BLK 5 Piece Fusion Drumkit.

This kit has a 22" bass drum so you can still punch out solid bottom end, while the 10", 12" and 14" toms offer you the smaller sizes to play more defined notes. The SDP-0F22 is also great for smaller size players. The smaller size toms enable the drums to be in a lower playing position, making them easier to reach.

The drumkit consists of 10" x 8" and 12" x 9" mounted toms, 14" x 14" floor tom, 22" x 16" bass drum with throw out spurs, and a 14" x 5" snare drum.

All hardware is double braced with a chrome finish. Hardware consists of snare stand, hi-hat stand with 14" cast hi-hat cymbals, straight cymbal stand with 16" cast crash/ride cymbal, bass drum pedal, tom arms, throne and drumsticks.

Finished in Black gloss.

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