DYNACORD CMS1000 14 Channel Mixer *CLEARANCE* - ONE ONLY ($3055 RRP)

OUR PRICE $2,090 $3,055

The Dynacord CMS1000-3 is a versatile 10 channel PA mixer with built in digital FX processor and 11-band graphic EQ. Designed for mobile sound application the Compact Mixing System removes the need for bulky external processors with its class leading design. Equipped 6 MIC / LINE channels, 2 MIC /stereo LINE channels, and 2 MIC/Stereo line & USB channels, each MIC input uses Dynacord's extremely high quality, ultra-low noise, and discrete microphone preamps for pristine audio. Plus with the dual onboard 24-bit digital FX processor, and 11-band stereo graphic EQ delivers the reliability and performance you'd normally find in a stand-alone mixer, and FX processors, and EQ all wrapped up in an elegant and well-featured mixing console. 

The mixer section: The distinctive feature of the mixer section is the 6+4 channel configuration. In addition to the classic six mono + two stereo analogue inputs, the CMS boasts two stereo digital inputs via USB. These inputs – when occupied – are automatically routed to channels 11/12 and 13/14. This means four fully-featured stereo channels are available – a fact that will particularly please DJs. 10 channel strips comprising:

  • 6 mic/line input channels
  • 2 mic/stereo USB ("super") channels
  • 2 stereo line channels

Microphone inputs 1-10 are each equipped with a Gain control and switchable phantom power, whilst channels the line channels also have a Trim control. Channels 1-6 possess a switchable low-cut filter that intervenes at 80 Hz, and a sweepable mid band EQ. All other channels boast a standard 3-band EQ with Hi, Mid & Low controls, with. Each channel offers six sends: 2 FX (post fader), 2 AUX (switchable globally pre-/post-fader) and 2 Monitor (pre-fader). Also present in each channel are a Balance/Pan control, a Mute and PFL switch, and a volume fader with Peak and Signal display. 

Master Section: The 11-band stereo equalizer can be routed to the Master channels or else to either or both of the Monitor Sends according to choice. The FX1+2 Returns as well as the AUX1+2 and MON1+2 Sends are on faders just like the Master L/R signal, which makes for comfortable and intuitive operation. The Master B signal is available pre or post MASTER L/R fader and can be mono-summed if desired. The Master signal is also available on the REC Send cinch (RCA) output with level control. The level meters of the CMS3 comprise two LED chains of 12 LEDs each. The display range covers 40 dB; what is shown is the level in dBu at the master outputs. When the PFL switch is activated, the left-hand LED chain shows the internal level of the master buss in dBu. The Standby switch mutes all channels e.g. during pauses, with only the 2TRACK-to-Master input remaining active for the playback of interval music. A 4-pin XLR socket is provided for the connection of a standard 12V/5W gooseneck lamp. 

Digital USB 2.0 Audio Interface: The USB 2.0 port serves as a digital audio interface between the Dynacord CMS1000-3 and a PC or Mac. Four channels can be transmitted in either direction simultaneously. This interface can therefore be used either for the input of audio signals (e.g. for playback or interval music) or else for live- or studio-recording applications. It is configured by selecting the relevant setting in the menu. For the use of the CMS3 with a PC or Mac, a free Cubase LE license as well as the requisite USB drivers are included free-of-charge on the supplied DVD. 

PC MIDI Interface: The Dynacord CMS1000-3 also offers a fully-featured PC MIDI interface. The MIDI input also supports the remote switching of both internal effects units using a master keyboard or MIDI footswitch. Professional Effects, OLED Display and Processing Menus The CMS3 has two integrated stereo multi-effects processors that work independently of one another, each offering 100 effects algorithms optimized for live performance, the most important parameters of which are editable. Linear 24-bit AD/DA converters and 48-bit double-precision processing guarantee the finest studio quality based on state-of-the-art technology. The 100 program locations of each device are packed with high-quality reverbs, halls and plates that deliver professional results in live performance on stage as well as in both studio and home recording environments. Other presets include Echo/Reverb and Chorus/Echo combinations, a variety of delay, flanger, chorus and doubling algorithms, as well as special reverb and delay programs. When a delay effect is active, the delay time can be synchronized to the beat of the music using the TAP key. Edited effects programs can be stored in the 20 User memories offered by each device, assigned names, and later selected and used in the same way as the presets. The large, high-contrast OLED display is easily read from a wide range of viewing angles—even in very bright surroundings. The operation of the effects units and processing menus is intuitive and made easier still through the use of soft keys and a rotary encoder. 

Processing Menus: For the basic settings, configuration, use of the effects and special functions, a wide variety of editing options can be selected from the clearly arranged menus.

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